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"Sales increase and reliance improvement"
Hyundai Mobis, one of the largest auto parts manufacturers in the country, learned imitated parts are being made and sold in the market. In case of auto parts, the consequence of forgery not only leads to loss of income but also may lead to loss of life if the consumer bought the imitated item unknowingly.
Hyundai Mobis after a long contemplation discovered about hologram and decided apply it to protect its buyers from the counterfeits. The company has been using holograms on the inspection certificates since 1993. Holograms for Hyundai Mobis, if forcefully removed from the product, self-destructs and points up the word “MOBIS’ on the product, efficiently demonstrating its level of security.
Since the introduction of hologram, Hyundai Mobis was able to expose the organization responsible for the forgery and distribution of fake parts, and even further, was able to earn even higher customer reliance and increased sales.

Hyundai MOBIS
"Record market protection and production division diversity"
Due to highly advanced digital technology and illegal duplication, wide distribution, and circulation of copyrighted records, music writers are suffering from serious problems regarding copyright infringement.
KMCA, in order to protect the copyrights of the writers, minimize the damages on consumers, and reduce the contraction of the music market, decided to apply holograms on their products in 1995 and has been using them since. For a more secure product diversity and efficient and easier classification management, there are currently about 70 different types of holograms applied depending on the product type.

Korea Music Copyright Association
"Counterfeit pre-protection effect"
Due to the development of copiers, scanners and high-tech computers, cases of forgeries regarding currency and bonds are rapidly increasing. KMSPC in search of preventing such forgery and distribution of fake bills and bonds selected hologram and is currently applying and producing holograms as means to preclude all forgery and imitation. Employing hologram which is difficult even for experts to duplicate, any person can identify the authenticity of bills and bonds and thus prevent the forgery in advance.
"Agricultural products recognition and marketing effect intensify"
Choongjoo City Hall launched the city’s public brand named ‘7PRIDE’ in 2006 and chose hologram in order to break from the existing image of farm specialty products of the city and maximize marketing effects. The city hall applied hologram label to those products that passed the quality standard and increased customer reliance as well as product awareness, and as the outcome, was able to achieve increased income year after year. Currently, the city is planning to apply the hologram labels to its industrial products depending on the positive responses of the market.
Chungju City Hall.